Henley Heritage Trail Found
20th August, 2012

In March members were asked to look out for the missing Heritage Trail clues. The note in the Henley Standard's Diary of 6th April on this brought a call from Edna Large of West Street; she still had a copy of the leaflet produced many years ago by the Town Council with a map indicating where the 11 clues were to be found. Although a huge help, the placing of the numbers on the map and the actual locations still presented considerable challenges.

Roger Kendal knew that No.11 is located at the corner of Duke Street next to Tudor House Antiques. Ruth Gibson found No 8 just outside Longlands in Hart Street.

The others were more difficult still. First a trip to Mill Meadows revealed no stone slab, so the next stop was the bottom of New Street. At this point, after studying the Tourist Information board, I spotted letters at the bottom saying "Henley Heritage Trail No. 3". Not a stone slab at all, but incorporated in the notice board! - So back to Mill Meadows and its Tourist Information board, where, sure enough, its says "Henley Heritage Trail No.1". Two down, one to go. This proved rather elusive until one wet day Starbucks in Market Place was not using the al fresco facilities. There, in the middle of the paved area, usually hidden under coffee tables and customers' feet was No. 9.

Job done!

Contributed by: Peter Anderson