1911 Census
6th February, 2015

The four transcribers who completed the transcription of the 1841 to 1901 census returns have started on the 1911 census. The summary documents for each of the six districts have been transcribed and loaded to the database, providing control data against which the transcriptions of the returns can be checked.

The procedure for the 1911 census was changed. The individual household schedules have been retained and were not copied into a book by the enumerator. This means that there are mainy more images to transcribe, typically 300 per district, each in the householder's personal handwriting. Fortunately we do have the database to refer to, helping to resolve doubts about names and ages etc.

The participation of two more people would be very welcome and would ensure completion of the project before summer. A good broadband connection, a largish high definition screen and some knowledge of Microsoft Excel would be of benefit.If anyone is interested please contact Graham.