Part time courses at Henley College
8th August, 2013

Henley College is offering some part time courses over the next academic year that might be of interest to members.

These include:

  • Building a Town: The Social Evolution of Henley 1
    This course will examine the history of the development of Henley-on-Thames, to include:
    • River trade with London and how it helped the town prosper.
    • Conflict and disaster.
    • Impact of the Civil War and the 1665 plague.
    • Loss of trade and how the town coped.
    • Growth of the town.
    • The men who constructed the roads and houses, as Henley expanded, to cater for both the wealthy and working class population.
  • Building a Town: The Social Evolution of Henley 2
    This course will look at the large estates that stood in Henley-on-Thames and its vicinity. Students will find out more about the familiar, such as Fawley Court, Harpsden Court and Park Place and the lesser known such as Bolney Court and Bellehatch Park. The course will take a detailed look at the families whose hands these estates passed through, showing how the emergence of the ‘nouveau riche’ changed the face of society. Using source documentation and handouts, we will explore the Lord of the Manor's relationship with Henley — be it of a manorial or philanthropic nature. The course will include a visit to St Mary the Virgin's Church in Fawley to examine the various structural legacies of the Fawley Court residents.
  • The Landed Gentry and their Estates
    A course looking at the manorial estates that stood both in and on the outskirts of Henley-on- Thames. We will examine the emergence of the self-made Victorian wealthy and their purpose-built smaller estates such as Rotherfield Court, Friar Park and Thamesfield. Using illustrations, legal documents of the day and handouts, we will trace these fine buildings and see which of them have survived to the present. The course includes a historical walk of the town looking at evidence of the buildings and their associated families.

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