Local Maps added to Henley Library
29th August, 2012

The merger of Oxfordshire Archives with the Centre for Oxfordshire Studies has formed the Oxfordshire History Centre, based at Cowley in the former Archives’ building. Amalgamation of their holdings produced some duplication and pressure on space. Therefore, a number of duplicates of Ordinance Survey 1:2500 old series maps [mostly C20th] have been offered to Local History Societies, with the aim of making them as widely available as possible.

The Group was pleased to accept the offer of 56 maps covering the greater part of our area. Our Committee looked at options for appropriate and accessible storage and decided that they would be best kept and most widely available if they were offered on permanent loan to Henley Library.

Henley Library gladly accepted these maps, which will be indexed and kept in a map cabinet for local history reference use by the public. Do take a look – old maps are fascinating! Since libraries in Oxfordshire are under tremendous pressures from financial constraints, the best support you can give is to make use of them, particularly the specialist "collections" like Local History.

Hilary Fisher