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Invincible No Longer: Diamonds in the Mediaeval World

5th June, 2018 Jack Ogden
This talk will look as the early history of diamonds with a particular focus on the medieval European world where there was increasing trade in diamonds from India and the first steps in the development of diamond cutting. There had been some use of diamonds in antiquity, first for working other gems and then set in jewellery, but these extraordinarily hard stones could not be cut or polished were seen as 'invincible' and surrounded by myth. Then gradually, rudimentary polishing developed and by the end of the Medieval period we have true diamond cutting and the birth of the diamond industry as we know it today. Jack Ogden is an archaeologist and historian who focuses on the development of jewellery materials and technology. He is an acknowledged authority in this field and has written and lectured widely on the subject for more than forty years. He has a PhD from Durham University, is a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, an elected Fellow and Honorary Life Member of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, and holds a Diploma in Art Law. He lives in Henley on Thames with his partner Sara Abey, plus piles of books and a banjo

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