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Gatehampton Roman Villa

6th January, 2015 Hazell Williams

Hazel Williams has been associated with the Gatehampton Roman villa site (near Goring) since 1997. Hazel completed her archaeological degree from Reading University in 1994 and as an undergraduate worked on the north gate at Silchester; then, as her final project on artefact assemblage, she worked at a Roman temple site at Lowbury Hill near Aldworth. Hazel became co-director, then director of the Gatehampton site in 2009 and is now President of the South Oxfordshire Archaeology Group (SOAG). Hazel will bring some of the finds of the many digging seasons spent at this location.


Reviewed by Viv Greenwood on 16th January, 2015

Hazel, who is President of the South Oxfordshire Archaeological Group and director of the Gatehampton Roman Villa dig, sited close to Goring and Streatley, provided a brief history of the dig. Exploratory digs first began on the villa site in 1992, following excavations by Thames Water in the adjacent fields and information from the then farmer, who reported ploughing up terracotta tiles.

The earliest excavations began on the west side of the site and Hazel showed images of a hypercaust layout and bathing area. Hazel identified the footprint of the villa and explained, room by room, the significance of each area and some of the important finds unearthed within them, which brought the building to life. The finds included a 'tublis' part of the ducting system, which heated the building.

Hazel brought along a selection of artefacts and being able to handle these added to the fascination of this remarkable excavation.

Despite work being carried out on site since 1992, a new trench (no 16) was opened last year and may prove to contain the eastern boundary of the villa, where some wonderful finds came to light.

The excavation at Gatehampton will resume again in May, and you are most welcome to view the villa — or join us — we've got plenty of trowels!

For further details see the South Oxfordshire Archaeological Group website.

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