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No.  1  March 1983       View
Page:  1  Ruth GibsonLife at School in early 17th Century in Henley's Chantry HousePage:  4  John HowardIn search of a Dark Lady (Part 1)Page: 10  Ann CottinghamPudder's Farm, Warren RowPage: 16  Ruth GibsonThe Group's Outing to Lewknor, November 28th, 1982Page: 17  John HowardThe Hundred of LewknorPage: 19  Peter AndersonG.W.R. Boundary Markers at Henley-on-Thames
No.  2  February 1984       View
Page:  1  John HowardThe search for the Dark Lady (continued)Page:  3  John CrockerAn Attempt toTrace the Course of Grymes Dyke through HenleyPage:  6  John HowardTwo Ancient Centres of TradePage:  8  Peter AndersonBridgemen & Parish ChurchwardensPage: 12  Ruth GibsonHighmoor Farm
No.  3  April 1985       View
Page:  1  Ann CottinghamThe Rectory Garden SitePage:  7  Ann CottinghamBefore the Co-opPage: 16  John CrockerRivulet More & Friday StreetPage: 18  Rachel RyanInventory of Abraham Mann, Rector 1631
No.  4  Summer 1986       View
Page:  2  Ann CottinghamThe Old Rectory ...Page:  8  Francis Sheppard... And the History of the House (The old Rectory)Page: 12  John CrockerHenley BridgePage: 15  Henley Standard (26th October 1906)Beating the Bounds in 1831 (The Ecclesiastical Parish of Henley)Page: 18  Ruth GibsonBix Manor FarmPage: 29  Ann CottinghamSome Axes from BixPage: 32  Ann Cottingham17th century Surrey Ware (drawings of fragments found at no 13 Riverside South in 1985)
No.  5  Winter 1987       View       (Available)
Page:  2  P D EllimanGlassmaking in Henley, 17th CPage: 15  Ann Cottingham89 & 91 Bell St - Nine Years onPage: 18  Joan HowardApparel worn in the 1630sPage: 20  Joan DilsHenley and the River Trade in Pre-Industrial period (includes Inventory of George Cranfield, timber merchant 1667)Page: 29  Claire HalpinAcheulian Hand AxePage: 30  Ann CottinghamDrawing of Acheulian Hand Axe
No.  6  Winter 1988       View
Page:  2  Ann CottinghamExcavation at Parkside, possibly a Windmill 1986-87Page: 11  Paul CannonClay Pipes found at ParksidePage: 21  Maureen MellorA Commentary on the Pottery found at Parkside
No.  7  December 1989       View
Page:  1  Geoffrey TyackThe Rebuilding of Henley-on-Thames 1780-1914Page: 17  J F BaileyEstablishing the Foundation Date of Henley Rowing ClubPage: 21  Ivy ReevesThe Family of John Davis, Bargeman
No.  8  Summer 1991       View       (Available)
Page:  1  John CrockerThe Riverside Walk: Research into theHistory of the AreaPage:  4  Garth BlanchflowerJoyce Grove, NettlebedPage:  7  Ivy ReevesGeneral Charles Francois Dumouriez 1739-1823Page: 10  Mrs M J Hamilton BradburyThe Paintings now in the Town Hall, previously in the Post OfficePage: 21  Ruth GibsonHarpsden Court re-discovered
No.  9  Spring 1993       View
Page:  1  Ruth GibsonA Late Medieval Manor House in Bell StreetPage: 23  Ann CottinghamAppendix I: Later History of 74, 76 & 78 Bell StreetPage: 25  Miles, D W H and Haddon-Reece, DAppendix II: Tree-Ring Dating of 76 Bell Street, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire
No. 10  Autumn 1994       View
Page:  1  Roger Kendal & Ann CottinghamReport of Excavations at 32-36 Market Place (then the Kings Arms) now the Tourist Office
No. 11  Summer 1996       View       (Available)
Page:  1  Ann CottinghamThe Beginnings of Henley Regatta from the Reading Mercury& Oxford GazettePage:  4  John HowardA Brief History of MiningPage: 16  John CrockerThe Walls of Henley & the Gateway through themPage: 22  John CrockerWalter of HenleyPage: 25  Ann CottinghamThe Fields of HarpsdenPage: 34  Roger KendalDid the First Expeditionary Force to France come from Henley-on-Thames?
No. 12  Spring 1997       View
Page:  1  Ann CottinghamPlans & Documents from the Town Hall: Middle RowPage:  8  Ann CottinghamPlans & Documents from the Town Hall: Riverside NorthPage: 17  Ann CottinghamPlans & Documents from the Town Hall: Chantry House & StorehousePage: 24  Ann CottinghamPlans & Documents from the Town Hall: Beating the Bounds 1868
No. 13  Spring 1999       View       (Available)
Page:  1  Roger KendalSome Notes on the Development of Locks at Hambleden and Marsh MillsPage: 11  Ann CottinghamOld Bridge & was there a way to avoid it?Page: 19  Ann CottinghamHouses of the United Schools' Charities, Longlands & Longland's Almshouses
No. 14  Spring 2000       View
Page:  1  Valerie AlasiaThe Henley Union Workhouse 1834-61: National Authority vs. Local AutonomyPage: 29  Michael StrangeThe Strange involvement with Henley BridgePage: 31  Peter AndersonThe Clapper Bridge, Remenham Lane & the expanse of water
No. 15  Autumn 2000       View       (Available)
Page:  1  Valerie AlasiaHenley Congregational Church, Reading Road, Henley-on-Thames, 1907 and its new extensions 2000Page: 18  John BaileyAnnette Brakspear & St Mary's Church (with notes on her religious life)
No. 16  Autumn 2001       View       (Available)
Page:  1  Liz YoungShiplake War MemorialPage: 15  Kenneth HorswellSaxon South Oxfordshire: Brief Notes on Post-Roman Occupation of the Thames and Thame Valleys and South ChilternsPage: 21  Roger Kendal & Ann CottinghamThe Meeting House Barn of the Independent Church
No. 17  Summer 2002       View       (Available)
Page:  1  Air Vice Marshall Baker G B A 1963The History of Queen Anne Cottage and the Old FoundryPage: 22  Ann CottinghamSome Additional information on the Tan Yard/Foundry, Queen Anne Cottage and its occupants
No. 18  Autumn 2003       View       (Available)
Page:  1  Joan BarksfieldThe Wolsey Altar, Hambleden ChurchPage: 17  John CrockerMemories of Two World Wars
No. 19  Winter 2004       View
Page:  1  Roger KendalHumphrey Gainsborough, Minister of Independent Chapel Rotherfield GreysPage: 15  Valerie AlasiaThe Life of the people of Rotherfield Greys in the 18th CenturyPage: 19  Ann CottinghamSome Suggestions and Speculations about Early Henley
No. 20  Summer 2005       View       (Available)
Page:  1  Valerie AlasiaThe People of Rotherfield Greys in the 17th and 18th Centuries & how the poor livedPage: 10  Davit PittHow did the Oracle get its name?Page: 11  Ann CottinghamPlague & Deaths in 17th Century Henley and DistrictPage: 23  Ann CottinghamThomas Woolley/Wolley/Wully & Oxford CourtPage: 24  Ann CottinghamNewsletter ContentsPage: 28  Ann CottinghamJournal ContentsPage: 31  Ann CottinghamJournals & Newsletters Index
No. 21  Spring 2006       View
Page:  1  Ann CottinghamThoughts on Henley Church & some suggestions of its possible developmentPage: 15  Roger KendalA Romano-British Building at Bix, Oxon. Notes on an excavation carried out 1955-1956Page: 17  Roger KendalAppendix 1: PlanPage: 20  Paul M BoothAppendix 2: Roman Pottery from the villa site at Bix, OxonPage: 22  Professor D M MetcalfAppendix 3: Report on the two Saxon coins found at the Roman building site at BixPage: 23  Ann CottinghamThe Schoolhouse or Chantry House
No. 22  Autumn 2007       View       (Available)
Page:  1  Valerie AlasiaHenley Union Workhouse 1861-1901Page: 31  Ann CottinghamThe Inn at the Bowling Green or the Old White Horse
No. 23  Spring 2009       View
Page:  3  Ann Cottingham13 January 1644 Will of William Laud lately Archbishop of CanterburyPage: 11  Dr M C Bridge FSA and Dr D H Miles FSABackground to DendrochronologyPage: 14  Ruth GibsonReport on Dendro Dating Project in Henley for the Marc Fitch FundPage: 18  Dr M C Bridge FSA and Dr D H Miles FSAExtracts from Report on Old White HartPage: 27  Ann CottinghamEarly Records of the White Hart
No. 24  Spring 2010       View       (Available)
Page:  1  Hilary FisherThe Phillimore FountainPage: 11  Ann CottinghamHops and Hop Kilns of HenleyPage: 19  Ruth GibsonAbbreviated Report on the Building known as the Malt House situated in Garden of No 59 Market Place
No. 25  December 2010       View
Page:  1  Ann CottinghamHenley and the Civil WarPage: 13  Captain Samuel TurnerA true Relation of a Late Skirmish at Henley upon ThamesPage: 18  Ann Flinders PetrieThe D'Oyly FamilyPage: 20  Ruth GibsonLower Hernes, Rotherfield GreysPage: 28  Ruth GibsonThe Victoria County History on Lower Hernes, Rotherfield GreysPage: 33  Ann CottinghamComments on two items in Samuel Turner's letter
No. 26  June 2011       View
Page:  1  Ruth Gibson25 Market Place, the eastern part of Facy's - an exciting discoveryPage:  3  Ruth GibsonPostscript to previous reports on 76 and 78 Bell Street, Henley-on-Thames. A hall and cross wing building, dendro dated to 1405 in 1992 and consequently Listed II*Page:  9  Kester GeorgeThe Origins of Wallingford and South OxfordshirePage: 13  Ruth GibsonReport on dating buildings by the Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory during the Victoria County History Project in Henley, Grant aided by the Marc Fitch Fund
No. 27  March 2013

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Page:  1  Valerie AlasiaEditorialPage:  2  John BaileyWilliam VIII: the last of the WingsPage: 26  Cynthia RobinsonA Henley Childhood in the early 20th Century, from John Crocker's notesPage: 29  Ruth GibsonThe Bear: a historic Henley InnPage: 30  Ruth GibsonThe Bear: Discussion and summary on building dates, alterations and additionsPage: 39  Originally transcribed by an evening class of Mrs Joan Dils and subsequently by Angela Dix The Inventory of the goods of John Dolton, taken in 1683Page: 42  Viv GreenwoodThe Bear Inn: a footnote concerning the will of William Brooks, 1744
No. 28  December 2014

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Page:  1  Graham JonesEditorialPage:  2  Ruth GibsonIntroduction to the Houses and People of Friday Street NorthPage:  5  Ruth GibsonTimber Framed Buildings: GlossaryPage:  6  Ruth GibsonNos. 17 —29 known as Gravett's CharityPage: 13  Ruth GibsonNos. 31 and 33Page: 18  Ruth GibsonNos. 45 and 47 known as Queen Anne Cottage and The Old FoundryPage: 22  Ruth GibsonNos. 51 and 53Page: 27  Ruth GibsonNos. 57 — 61Page: 30  Ruth GibsonNo. 63Page: 34  Ruth GibsonNo 65 The Doll's HousePage: 39  Ruth GibsonNos. 67, 69 and 71 Old Timbers and Friday CottagePage: 43  Ruth GibsonNo. 73, Barn Cottage and No. 10 Thameside, Old Granary 43Page: 47  Graham JonesMap of Friday Street, based on 1879 OS Town Plan
No. 29  December 2015

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Page:  1  Pam SyrettEditorialPage:  3  Rachel AdamsPage:  5  David AndersonPage:  6  Ann H.G. Cottingham nee RodgerPage: 11  Cynthia RobinsonJohn CrockerPage: 13  Specimen 1942 Clothing CardPage: 14  Ruth Gibson nee StobäusPage: 17  Graham JonesPage: 20  Roger KendalPage: 22  Adele O’ConnorPage: 25  Saving SalvagePage: 26  Jill RichardsonPage: 27  Specimen Clothing Coupon BookPage: 28  Janet ScorerPage: 30  Angela Spencer-HarperPage: 33  Specimen Identity CardPage: 34  Pam SyrettJohn SyrettPage: 37  John WhitingPage: 40  Graham JonesIn Conclusion